Breaking Boundaries: My Ontario Big Year with Jeremy Bensette

16 May 2018
18:00 - 20:00
Humber Arboretum Centre for Urban Ecology, Arboretum Blvd, Toronto, ON

Breaking Boundaries: My Ontario Big Year with Jeremy Bensette

Breaking Birding Boundaries: My Ontario Big Year

Point Pelee area birder and naturalist Jeremy Bensette had a very successful Big Year in 2017, travelling to the far reaches of his home province of Ontario in pursuit of every bird species he could possibly cross paths with. This presentation touches on many of the highlights, lowlights, statistics, results, and antics of his Big Year. Join Jeremy at 6pm, May 16 at the Humber Arboretum’s Centre for Urban Ecology for a summary of his year-long competitive and very social birding journey that turned out to be so much more rewarding than he expected!

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(The talk is approximately an hour then will be followed by an informal Q&A/tour of the Arb with Jeremy)

Jeremy Bensette

Born and raised within the Point Pelee birding area, Jeremy Bensette is a local diehard birder, naturalist, conservationist, wildlife photographer, and tour guide. Having seen 346 species in the province in 2017, Jeremy holds Ontario’s birding Big Year record, thanks largely in part to Ontario’s helpful and supportive birding community!  He is also a proud member of the Vortex Optics Field Team, a very active member of the Ontario Field Ornithologists, and a board member for the Essex County Field Naturalists’ Club. He takes any chance he can to share his knowledge and insights about wildlife to friends and strangers alike. Jeremy loves to travel and talk birds… Ask him about his adventures or where the great birds are in Point Pelee or Ontario anytime!